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[AGREED] Graduated from the Free University of Brussels (ULB), I have the latest scientific knowledge in terms of rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatment. My areas of action are:

  - Orthopedic and traumatological rehabilitation (sprain, tendinitis, scoliosis, rehabilitation after trauma or surgery, relearning to walk, etc.)

  - Cervical pain, back pain and lumbago (pain in the spine)

  - Neurological rehabilitation (rehabilitation after stroke and other disorders)

  - Respiratory physiotherapy

  - Pre and postpartum physiotherapy

  - Rehabilitation of the elderly

My priority and work philosophy is to put the patient at the center of the treatment. In this sense, I take the time to fully explain each pathology for the educational aspect, and I humanize my treatments by being close, attentive, and available for each patient. I therefore attach great importance to the patient-therapist relationship. At the same time, I professionally provide my care, which is based on current scientific knowledge.

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